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Links to Mathematical & other Societies

London Mathematical Society

Edinburgh Mathematical Society

EMS: the web server based at Heriot-Watt University.

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

IMA: web server.

Royal Statistical Society

RSS: web server.

International Mathematical Union

  • IMU: the mirror page in Southampton,
  • IMU: the home page.

European Mathematical Society

  • EMIS: the mirror server in Southampton,
  • EMIS: the master web server in Karlsruhe.
These contain among other things a list of member societies and an archive of electronic journals.

American Mathematical Society

  • e-MATH is the American Mathematical Society's delivery system for electronic products and services of interest to mathematicians, other scientists, and the organizations that support them. It is a repository for both scholarly and professional information.
  • AMS list of mathematical news.

Societe Mathematique de France

SMF: main server.

Links via Group Pub Forum:

Direct links to many Mathematical Societies, as well as many group theoretical links.

The Institute of Physics home page.

The British Computer Society: home page.

The Royal Society of Chemistry home page.

The Royal Society home page.

The British Academy home page.

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