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Mathematics News - 2007

Link to the list of visitors. 26/11/07:
John Robinson's sculpture Immortality has moved from Dean Street to Top College.
The sculpture was "donated to the School of Mathematics and Professor R. Brown in recognition of a fruitful collaboration" in 1991.
The other three sculptures in the university are Courtship Dance, now in the Top Corridor; Genesis, in the Inner Quad; and Creation which remains in Dean Street.
To find out more about the range of John Robinson's work, see our popmath page, or the wikipedia page, built recently by Prof. Ronnie Brown and Prof. John P Miller (Head, Department of Computational Biology, Montana).

Juan Rodriguez and Lucy Kuncheva are the winners of the 2007 Workshop and Challenge on Time Series Classification.02/07/07:

Congratulations to Richard Lewis on the award of a PhD for his thesis: Stacks and Formal Maps of Crossed Modules.

In today's university league tables in the Manchester Guardian it is gratifying to note that Bangor is placed 5th for Mathematics in the UK. What a pity we are no longer admitting students!
Here is the top of the list: [Cambridge, Oxford, St.Andrews, Portsmouth, Bangor, Warwick, ...].

However, it would appear that the company compiling the lists has had problems converting Informatics into its constituent divisions. Mathematics has been placed fifth and Computer Science achieved fourth position in the league tables, but Electronic Engineering does not appear at all.
The article on Methodology on the Guardian website states that:
To be included in a subject table an institution must be teaching at least 35 students (full-time equivalent or FTE) - with at least 25 FTE reported in the relevant cost centre.
Since Mathematics at Bangor has not achieved this threshold for some time, it appears that the Engineers have been unjustly treated.

Message from Ronnie Brown to the categories mailing list:
I regret to announce that the sculptor John Robinson died from lung cancer on 6 April.
Friends will know his work from the web sites and as someone who bridged art and science through a passionate interest in humanity and the world, and was given striking images to express these links.

John Robinson has been a good friend of the department over many years, and was an Honorary Fellow of the university. Four of his sculptures are on display around the campus.

Congratulations to Tim Porter on conferment of the title Professor Emeritus by the University Council following his early retirement.

Congratulations to Zoe Hoare on the award of a PhD for her thesis:
"Feature selection and classification of non-traditional data; examples from veterinary medecine"
(subject to minor corrections).

Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses for young people in North-West Wales,
sponsored by Anglesey Aluminium: the 23rd series commences January 20th.

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