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Downloadable Theses and Dissertations

Murat Alp, PhD 1997, GAP, Crossed modules, Cat1-groups - applications of computational group theory :

Amina Al-Zaidan, PhD 2002, Mathematical Modeling of Marine Environment Contamination using Fuzzy Set Theory : alzaidan.pdf

Zekeriya Arvasi, PhD 1994, Applications in commutative algebra of the Moore complex of a simplicial algebra

James Charles, PhD 2009, Image analysis of microscope slides for palynofacies studies : charles.pdf

Abdul Kadir Dogan, PhD 1997, Petrov-Galerkin finite element methods :

Philip Ehlers, PhD 1993, Algebraic homotopy in simplicially enriched groupoids : ehlers-phd.pdf
Philip Ehlers, MSc 1992, Simplicial groupoids as models for homotopy type : ehlers-msc.pdf

Gareth Evans, PhD 2005, Noncommutative involutive bases : evans.pdf

Magnus Forrester-Barker, PhD 2004, Representations of crossed modules and cat1-groups : forrester-barker.pdf

Dylan Griffiths, PhD 2010, Contouring algorithms with terrain mapping applications : griffiths.pdf.

Anne Heyworth, PhD 1998, Applications of Rewriting Systems and Groebner Bases to Computing Kan Extensions and Identities Among Relations :

Genevieve Hines, PhD 2004, Simulation of the micromagnetic behaviour of nanoelements by an adaptive wavelet method :

Peter Hines, PhD 1998, Inverse semigroups; compact closed categories; geometry of interaction. The algebra of self-similarity and its applications :

Zoe Hoare, PhD 2007, Feature selection and classification of non-traditional data Examples from Veterinary Science. : hoare.pdf

Ilhan Icen, PhD 1996, A 2-dimensional version of Holonomy :

Helen James, PhD 2000, Applications of category theory to inverse semigroups :

Alinor Abdul Kadir, PhD 2001, Coverings, Etale coverings, Hypercoverings and Homotopy Coherence : kadir.pdf

Tanveer Khan, PhD 2001, The relationship between the local and global structure of semigroups :

Richard Lewis, PhD 2007, Stacks and formal maps of crossed modules : lewis.pdf.

Joe Matthews, PhD 2004, Topological ideas in inverse semigroup theory :

Emma Moore, PhD 2001, Graphs of groups: word computations and free crossed resolutions :, :

Ali Mutlu, PhD 1997, Peiffer pairings in the Moore complex of a simplicial group :

Catrin Plumpton, PhD 2011, Classifier ensembles for streaming fMRI data : plumpton.pdf

Philip Ridley, PhD 2000, Finite element simulation of the micromagnetic behaviour of nanoelements :

Catherine Shipp, PhD 2004, A Study on Diversity in Classifier Ensembles :

John Shrimpton, PhD 1990, Graphs, symmetry and categorical methods : shrimpton-phd.pdf
(This pdf file was created by Stephen Gaito by scanning a photocopy of the original.)
John Shrimpton, MSc 1998, Cartesian closed categories of directed graphs : shrimpton-msc.pdf

Adam Spargo, PhD 2003, Finite Element Analysis of Magnetization Reversal in Granular Thin Films : spargo.pdf

Andy Tonks, PhD 1994, Theory and applications of Crossed Complexes: the Eilenberg-Zilber theorem and homotopy colimits :

Ricki Walker, PhD 2005, Dynamical Analysis of Self-pulsation and Chaos in Semiconductor Laser Models :

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