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U.W. Bangor - School of Informatics - Mathematics Preprints 2001

Category Theory & Homotopy Theory

01.12 : PORTER, T.

Interpreted systems and Kripke models for multiagent systems from a categorical perspective


Both Kripke models and Interpreted Systems have been put forward as basic models of Multi-Agent Systems and for reasoning about Knowledge in such systems. This paper enriches previous comparisons of these two forms of semantics by considering categories of models in both cases and then shows that constructions given by Lomuscio and Ryan, extend to give an adjoint equivalence between the two settings. This equivalence is exploited in a discussion of colimits of interpreted systems.

Published in:

Theoret. Comput. Sci. 323 (2004) 235-266.


01.22 : PORTER, T.

Abstract homotopy theory: the interaction of category theory and homotopy theory


This article is an expanded version of notes for a series of lectures given at the Corso estivo Categorie e Topologia organised by the Gruppo Nazionale di Topologia del M.U.R.S.T. in Bressanone, 2 - 6 September 1991.
Those notes have been brought up to date by the addition of new references and a summary of what has happen in the area in the last ten years.

Published in:

Cubo Matematica Educacional 5 (2003) 115-165.

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