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U.W. Bangor - School of Informatics - Mathematics Preprints 2002

Computational discrete algebra

02.04 : BROWN, R. & WENSLEY, C.D.

Computation and Homotopical Applications of Induced Crossed Modules


We explain how the computation of induced crossed modules allows the computation of certain homotopy 2-types and, in particular, second homotopy groups. We discuss various issues involved in computing induced crossed modules and give some examples and applications.

Published in:

J. Symbolic Computation 35 (2003) 59-72.


gzipped pdf:

02.20 : LAMBE, L.A. & SEILER, W.M.

Differential equations, Spencer cohomology, and computing resolutions


partial differential equations; Spencer cohomology; formal theory; homological resolutions; symbolic computation.

Published in:

Georgian Mathematical Journal, 9 (2002) 723-772.


gzipped pdf: llws.pdf.gz

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