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Mathematics Preprints 2006

Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics

06.08 : BROWN, R. & PORTER, T.

Analogy, concepts and methodology in Mathematics


A general answer as to why mathematics has lots of applications could be in the form: mathematics has over the centuries developed a language, or even a set of evolving and interacting languages, for expression, description, deduction, verification and calculation. In this context, we discuss the terms in the title, and their potential interaction with teaching and research.


Published in:

Eureka (September 2006) 23-27.

06.15 : CHAMBERS, Ll.G.

The tercentenary of π


The use of the Greek letter π to denote the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter appears to have been popularised by Euler following his adoption of the symbol in 1737 and later in his many popular textbooks. The original use of the symbol for this purpose was in fact by the Welsh mathematician William Jones who used it in his book Synopsis Palmariorum Mathesos published in 1706. The book was described by Robert Watt in 1824, over a hundered years later, as follows: 'This work has long been esteemed as a compendious, but comprehensive summary of Mathematical Science'.

Published in:

The Mathematical Gazette Vol. 90, No. 518, 194-202.

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