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Mathematics Preprints 2007

Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics

07.06 : BROWN, R.

Out of line

This is a revised, web version of 92.33, accessible at


The title refers to mathematics as a different way of looking at things, and as a new kind of mathematics in which symbols are no longer confined to a line, or even a page. To explain why we should want his freedom, we use squares, knots, string and computer graphics to illustrate some principal themes in mathematics: symmetry, motion, space. Finally, we try to catch a glimpse of the future.

Published in:

Royal Institution Proceedings 64 (1992) 207-243.

07.07 : BROWN, R.

Promoting Mathematics

Published in:

MSOR connections - the newsletter of the Maths, Stats & OR Network, 7 (2007) 24-28.

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