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Mathematics Preprints List - 1982

82.01 T. Porter,
The derived functors of lim and protorsion modules, 21pp.
Published in: Cahiers Top. G�om. Diff. 24 (1983) 115-131.

82.02 R. Brown,
Holonomy and monodromy groupoids, 10pp.

82.03 T. Porter,
The kernels of completion maps and a relative form of Nakayama's Lemma, 18pp.
Published in: Journal Algebra 85 (1983) 166-178.

82.04 R. Brown and P.J. Higgins,
Crossed complexes and non-abelian extensions.
Published in: Category Theory: applications to algebra, logic and topology,
Proc. Gummersbach, 1981, Edited by K.H. Kamps, D. Pumpl�n, and W. Tholen,
Springer Lecture Notes in Math. 962 (1982) 39-50.

82.05 R. Brown,
The homotopy classification of maps from a surface to the projective plane, 11pp.

82.06 R. Brown,
Non-abelian cohomology and the homotopy classification of maps, 5pp.

82.07 R. Brown,
An introduction to simplicial T-complexes, 27pp.

82.08 C.D. Wensley, G.C. Morris and I. Morris,
Computing Adams operations on the Burnside ring of a finite group, 16pp.
Published in: J.f.d. reine u. angewandte Math. 341 (1983) 87-97.

82.09 T. Porter,
A relative Jacobson radical with applications, 42pp.
Published in: Radical Theory: Proc. Conf. Eger., 1982,
Colloq. Math. Soc. J. Bolyai North Holland, Amsterdam.

82.10 C.D. Wensley and I. Morris,
Adams operations and lambda-operations in beta-rings, 30pp.

82.11 H.E.Robinson, F.F.Cinkotai, M.L.H.Flindt & C.J.Whitaker,
The effects of fumes from the thermal degredation of polythene on health
Published in: Ann. Occup. Hyg. 25 (1982) 291-298.

82.12 R.Brown and T.L. Thickstun,
Low-dimensional topology
LMS Lecture Note Series 48,
Proceedings of the Conference on Topology in Low Dimension, Bangor, 1979.
Cambridge University Press (1982).

82.13 R. Brown and J. Huebschmann,
Identities among relations,
article in 82.12 (1982) 153-202.

82.14 R. Brown,
Higher-dimensional group theory,
article in 82.12 (1982) 215-238.

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