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Mathematics Preprints List - 1984

84.01(a,b,c,d) J.-M. Cordier and T. Porter,
Categorical aspects of shape and strong shape theory.
Chapters 1-4 of the book: Shape Theory.

84.02 S.P. Humphries,
Graphs and Nielsen transformations of symmetric, orthogonal and symplectic groups, 31pp.

84.03 S.P. Humphries,
On weakly distinguished bases and free generating sets of free groups, 12pp.

84.04 D.W. Jones,
Poly-T-complexes, Univ. of Wales PhD Thesis 1983, 183pp.

84.05 G.J. Ellis and T. Porter,
Free and projective crossed modules and the second homology group of a group, 8pp.
Published in: J Pure Appl. Alg. 40 (1986) 27-32.

84.06 T. Porter,
Homology of commutative algebras and an invariant of Simis and Vasconcelos, 12pp.
Published in: J Algebra 99 (1986) 458-465.

84.07 R. Brown and J.-L. Loday,
Van Kampen Theorems for diagrams of spaces, 69pp.

84.08 S. P. Humphries,
Generation of special linear groups by transvections, 28pp.

84.09 G.J. Ellis,
Non-abelian exterior products of groups and exact sequences in homology, 13pp.

84.10 T. Porter,
Some categorical results in the theory of crossed modules in commutative algebra, 23pp.
Published in: J Algebra 109 (1987) 415-429.

84.11 J.-M. Cordier and T. Porter,
Vogt's theorem on categories of homotopy coherent diagrams, 54pp.
Published in: Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 100 (1986) 65-90.

84.12 J.-M. Cordier,
The algebraic homotopy limit functor, 59pp.

84.13 N.K. Ashley,
T-complexes and crossed complexes, Univ. of Wales PhD Thesis 1978, 76pp.

84.14 G.J. Ellis,
Crossed modules and their higher dimensional analogues, Univ. of Wales PhD Thesis, 134pp.

84.15 R.Brown & J.-L. Loday,
Excision homotopique en basse dimension
Published in: C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris S\'er. I 298 (1984) 353-356.

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