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Mathematics Preprints List - 1985

85.01 R. Brown and P.J. Higgins,
Tensor products and homotopies for omega-groupoids and crossed complexes, 52pp.
Published in: J Pure Appl. Algebra 47 (1987) 1-33.

85.02 J.-M. Cordier and T. Porter,
Maps between homotopy coherent diagrams, 26pp.
Published in: Top. Appl. 28 (1988) 255-275.

85.03 R. Brown and J.-L. Loday,
Homotopical excision and Hurewicz theorems for n-cubes of maps, 36pp.
Published in: Proc. London Math. Soc. (3) 54 (1987) 176-192.

85.04 P. Heath, C. Morgan and R. Piccinini,
Nielsen numbers and pullbacks, 28pp.

85.05 R. Brown, D.L. Johnson and E.F. Robertson,
Some computations of non- abelian tensor products of groups, 33pp.
Published in: J Algebra 111 (1987) 177-202.

85.06 G.J. Ellis and R. Steiner,
Higher-dimensional crossed modules and the homotopy groups of (n+1)-ADS.
Published in: J. Pure Applied Algebra 46 (1987) 117-136.

85.07 N.D. Gilbert,
Presentations of the automorphism group of a free product, 40pp.

85.08 G.J. Ellis,
Non-abelian exterior products of Lie algebras and an exact sequence in the homology of Lie algebras
Published in: J. Pure Applied Algebra 46 (1987) 111-115.

85.09 G.J. Ellis,
The tensor product of finite groups is finite
Published in: J. Algebra 111 (1987) 203-205.

85.10 C. Rodr¬°guez, L. Franco and J. Barja,
An exact sequence in the homology of groups, 19pp.

85.11 G.J. Ellis,
An eight term exact sequence in algebraic K-theory, 4pp.

85.12 J.Y.Kassab, C.J.Whitaker & G.D.Floodgate,
Biological studies in the vicinity of a shallow-sea tidal mixing front
VI. A general statistical study

Published in: Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. B 310 (1985) 521-555.

85.13 T. Porter,
Crossed Modules in Cat and a Brown-Spencer Theorem for 2-Categories,
Published in: Cahiers Top. Géom. Diff., 26 (1985) pp. 381-387.

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