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Mathematics Preprints List - 1986

86.01 G.J. Ellis,
Multirelative algebraic K-theory; the group K2(L;I1,...,In) and related computations
Published in: J. Algebra 112 (1988) 271-289.

86.02 R. Brown and J.-L. Loday,
Van Kampen Theorems for diagrams of spaces, (revised version of 84.7), 55pp.

86.03 J.-M. Cordier and T. Porter,
Simplicial sets and �-categories, 15pp.

86.04 R. Brown,
A convenient catgory of topological spaces; Historical note, 3pp.

86.05 G.J. Ellis,
Homotopy classification � la J.H.C. Whitehead, 20pp.

86.06 N.D. Gilbert,
The non-abelian tensor square of a free product of groups
Published in: Arch. Math. 48 (1987) 369-375.

86.07 R. Brown,
From groups to groupoids: A brief survey, 40pp.
Published in: Bull. London Math. Soc. 19 (1987) 113-134.

86.08 J.-M. Cordier and T. Porter,
Categorical aspects of shape and strong shape theory, 62pp.
Chapter 5 of the book: Shape Theory.

86.09 K.H. Kamps and T. Porter,
Abstract homotopy and simple homotopy theory, 56pp.
(Early version of the book of the same name.)

86.10 T. Porter,
On the two definitions of Ho(pro C), 7pp.
Published in: Top. Appl. 28 (1988) 289-293.

86.11 F.J. Korkes and T. Porter,
Profinite crossed modules, 37pp.

86.12 F.J. Korkes and T. Porter,
Profinite completions of crossed modules, 20pp.

86.13 G.J. Ellis,
Multirelative cohomology of groups, 18pp.

86.14 L.J. Hernandez and T. Porter,
Proper pointed maps from R to a sigma-compact space, 13pp.
Published in: Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 103 (1988) 457-462.

86.15 G.J. Ellis,
Higher dimensional crossed modules of algebras, 9pp.

86.16 J.-M. Cordier and T. Porter,
Pattern recognition and categorical shape theory, 9pp.
Published in: Pattern Recognition Letters 7 (1988) 73-76.

86.17 N.D. Gilbert,
On the fundamental cat -group of an n-cube of spaces, 22pp.

86.18 R. Brown and P.R. Heath,
Lifting amalgamated sums and other colimits of groups and topological groups, 20pp.
Published in: Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 102 (1987) 273-280.

86.19 J.-M. Cordier and T. Porter,
Coherent Kan extensions, I, Simplicially coherent ends and coends, 34pp.

86.20 T. Porter,
Proper homotopy, prohomotopy and coherence, 65pp.
Published in: Publ. Semin. Mat. Garcia de Galdeano, Serie II Seccion 3 No.10 (1987).

86.21 R. Brown,
A non-abelian tensor product of groups. (Algebra-Tagung, Halle 1986)

86.22 M. Golasinski,
Homotopy groups of small catgories and derived functors, 12pp.

86.23 O.Kroll, J.B.Owen & C.J.Whitaker,
Variation in the complete diet composition given during the winter period to an autumn-calving herd
Published in: J. Agric. Sci. Camb. 106 (1986) 297-306.

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