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Mathematics Preprint List 1987

87.01 Ghafar Huseen Mosa,
Higher dimensional algebroids and crossed complexes,
Univ. of Wales Ph.D Thesis, 1986 138pp.

87.02 Hamed Ali Harasani,
Topos theoretic methods in general topology,
Univ. of Wales Ph.D. Thesis 1986, 129pp.

87.03 Ronald Brown and Philip J. Higgins,
On the fundamental groupoid of an orbit space, 8pp.

87.04 F.J. Korkes and T.Porter,
Pro-C completions of crossed modules, 24pp.
Published in: Proc. Edin. Math. Soc. 33 (1990) 39-51.

87.05 Katherine Norrie,
The actor of a crossed module, 26pp.

87.06 R. Brown and G.J. Ellis,
Hopf formulae for the higher homology of a group, 6pp.

87.07 John Taylor,
Quotients of groupoids by an action of a group, 23pp.

87.08 Katherine Norrie,
Actor crossed modules and crossed squares, 14pp.

87.09 (revised as 91.15) I. Morris and C.D. Wensley,
Cycle indices and subgroup lattices, 27pp.

87.10 (revised as 91.16) I. Morris and C.D. Wensley,
lambda-operations in beta-rings, 9pp.

87.11 N.D. Gilbert and P.J. Higgins,
The non-abelian tensor product of groups and related constructions, 25pp.

87.12 R. Brown and M. Golasinski,
A model structure for the homotopy theory of crossed complexes, 23pp.
Published in: Cah. Top. Geom. Diff. Cat. 30 (1989) 61-82.

87.13 G.J. Ellis,
Relative derived functors and the homology of groups, 24pp.

87.14 F.J. Korkes and T. Porter,
Pro-C crossed modules, 36pp.

87.15 L.J. Hernandez and T. Porter,
Global analogues of the Brown-Grossman proper homotopy groups of an end, 28pp.
Published in: Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 104 (1988) 483-496.

87.16 Ph. R. Heath and M.M. Parmenter,
Lifting colimits in various categories, 14pp.

87.17 F.J. Korkes and T. Porter,
Profinite crossed modules, completions and presentations, 24pp.

87.18 F.J. Korkes and T. Porter,
Continuous derivations, profinite crossed complexes and pseudocompact chain complexes, 38pp.

87.19 S.J. Abas and J. Rangel-Mondragon,
Penrose tilings for geometric Islamic design, 29pp + diagrams.

87.20 G. Janelidze,
Pure Galois theory in categories, 26pp.

87.21 J.B.Owen & C.J.Whitaker,
A comparison of cross-bred ewes raised from Welsh Mountain dams by three sire breeds: Cambridge, BorderLeicester and Lleyn
Published in: J. Agric. Sci. Camb.109 (1987) 159-164.

87.22 M. Madoc-Jones,
The umbral calculus,
Univ. of Wales M.Sc. Dissertation 1987, 85pp.

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