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Mathematics Preprints List - 1993

93.01 J.Cunningham, G.A.Gardner, L.R.T.Gardner and H.Yassi,
Rabies spread in Kent.

93.02 (revised as: 97.08) L.R.T.Gardner and G.A.Gardner,
Simulations of Boussinesq solitons

93.03 L.R.T.Gardner, G.A.Gardner and T.Geyikli,
Solitary wave solutions of the MKdV equation.

93.04 A.Tonks and R.Brown,
Calculations with simplicial and cubical groups in AXIOM.

93.05 L.R.T.Gardner, G.A.Gardner and T.Geyikli,
The boundary forced MKdV equation.

93.06 J.Cunningham, G.A.Gardner and L.R.T.Gardner,
The red fox and rabies spread mathematical models and simulations.

93.07 R.Brown and O.Mucuk,
Covering groups of non-connected topological groups revisited.

93.08 (previously 92.16) M.V.Lawson,
Almost factorisable inverse semigroups.

93.09 R.Brown and O.Mucuk,
The monodromy groupoid of a Lie groupoid.

93.10 R.Brown and O.Mucuk,
Foliations, locally Lie groupoids and holonomy.

93.11 G.A.Gardner and L.R.T.Gardner,
A conservative solution algorithm for the kdv-equation.

93.12 (previously 92.28; revised as 94.12) M.V.Lawson,
Enlargements of regular semigroups.

93.13 (previously 91.23; revised as 94.13) M.V.Lawson,
The geometric theory of inverse semigroups,
III: idempotent pure co-extensions.

93.14 T.Porter,
Mathematics and education policy (United Kingdom).

93.15 J.Cunningham and G.A.Gardner,
Some speculative comments on the problem of formulating a mathematical model for the spread of rabies among insectiverous bats.

93.16 W.A.Dreckmann,
On the definition of P-algebras.

93.17 A.P.Tonks,
Theory and applications of crossed complexes. Ph.D. thesis, Bangor, September 1993.

93.18 R.Brown,
Representation and computation for crossed modules.

93.19 R.Brown,
Higher order symmetry of graphs

93.20 C.Pritchard and R.Brown,
The Third Man's Knotty Problem

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