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Mathematics Preprints List - 1997

97.01 BROWN, R.
Higher-dimensional Group Theory.

97.02 BROWN, R.,
What should be the output of Mathematical education?

97.03 LAWSON, M.V.
McAlister semigroups.

97.04 (revised as 98.24) BROWN, R. & RAZAK SALLEH, A.
On the computation of identities among relations and of free crossed resolutions of groups.

97.05 ALP, M. and WENSLEY, C.D.
Enumeration of cat1-groups of low order.

97.06 (revised as 97.29) MSANGI, A.R., LEHANE, M.J. and WHITAKER, C.J.,
Trypanosome infection pattern in the tsetse fly Glossina pallipides on the Ruvu flood plane of eastern Tansania

97.07 (revised as 02.04) BROWN, R. and WENSLEY, C.D.,
On the computation of induced crossed modules.

Simulations of Boussinesq solitons

97.09 (revised as 98.16) BROWN, R., GOLASINSKI, M., PORTER, T. & TONKS, A.,
Spaces of maps into classifying spaces for equivariant crossed complexes,
II: the general topological group case

97.10 BROWN, R. & PORTER, T.,
Twisted tensor products and graph products

97.11 MUTLU, A.,
Peiffer pairings in the Moore complex of a simplicial group,
Ph.D. thesis, University of Wales Bangor.

97.12 MUTLU, A. & PORTER, T.,
Iterated Peiffer pairings in the Moore complex of a simplicial group

Approximations of solitary waves of the MRLW equation by B-spline finite elements.

97.14 WENSLEY, C.D. and ALP, M.
XMOD - crossed modules and cat1-groups in GAP
Manual for the GAP share package XMOD, v.1.3 (1997) 1-78.

97.15 BROWN, R. and JANELIDZE, G.,
Van Kampen theorems for categories of covering morphisms in lextensive categories.

97.16 BROWN, R. and JANELIDZE, G.,
Galois theory of second order covering maps of simplicial sets

97.17 (revised as 98.20) MUTLU, A. & PORTER, T.,
Applications of Peiffer pairings in the Moore complex of a simplicial group

97.18 MUTLU, A. & PORTER, T.,
Free crossed resolutions from simplicial resolutions with given CW-basis

97.19 (revised as 98.21) MUTLU, A. & PORTER, T.,
Freeness conditions for 2-crossed modules and complexes

97.20 BROWN, R.
Groupoids and crossed objects in algebraic topology

97.21 (revised as 98.24) BROWN, R. and RAZAK SALLEH, A.
On the computation of identities of free crossed resolutions of groups

97.22 KUNCHEVA, L.I. and BEZDEK, J.C.
A fuzzy generalized nearest prototype classifier

97.23 KUNCHEVA, L.I. and BEZDEK, J.C.
Nearest prototype classification: Clustering, genetic algorithms or random search?

97.24 KUNCHEVA, L.I.
An application of OWA operators to the aggregation of multiple classification decisions

97.25 KUNCHEVA, L.I.
Fitness functions in editing k-NN reference set by genetic algorithms

97.26 KUNCHEVA, L.I.
Initializing of an RBF network by a genetic algorithm

97.27 LAWSON, M.V.
The structure of 0-E-unitary inverse semigroups
I: the monoid case

97.28 CHAMBERS, Ll. G.
The inverse square law of attraction

97.29 MSANGI, A.R., WHITAKER, C.J. and LEHANE, M.J.,
Factors influencing the prevalence of trypanosome infection of Glossina pallidipes on the Ruvu flood plain of eastern Tanzania.

97.30 LAMBE, L.A.
An algorithm for calculating cocycles

Selection of cluster prototypes from data by a genetic algorithm

97.32 ALP, M.
GAP, Crossed modules, cat1-groups

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