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U.W. Bangor - School of Informatics - Mathematics Preprints 1997

Biological and medical statistics


Factors influencing the prevalence of trypanosome infection of Glossina pallidipes on the Ruvu flood plain of eastern Tanzania


We report the pattern of infection of Glossina pallidipes with Trypanosoma vivax and T. congolense at a site in the Coast region of eastern Tanzania, studied between November 1993 and December 1994. Of the 2315 flies disected 114 (4.9%) were T. congolense positive, 77 (3.3%) were T. vivax positive and 2 (0.1%) were T. brucei positive. Fly age was determined by the pteridine fluorescence method. Prevalence of infection was most strongly affected by month and the linear effect of age with the interaction of month and age having an effect for T. congolense-type infections. Sex and sex by month also have some predictive capacity when data for T. congolense and T. vivax-type infections are combined. In contrast to some similar studies our results suggest that the infection rate is non-linearly related to age of the tsetse fly, with older flies having progressively more chance of infection. The potential biological factors underpinning these interactions are discussed.

Published in:

Acta Trop. 70 (1998) 143-155

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