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Mathematics Preprints 1997

Category Theory & Homotopy Theory

97.12 : MUTLU, A. & PORTER, T.

Iterated Peiffer pairings in the Moore complex of a simplicial group


We introduce a pairing structure within the Moore complex NG of a simplicial group G and use it to investigate generators for NG_n \cap D_n where D_n is the subgroup generated by degenerate elements. This is applied to the study of algebraic models for homotopy types.

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Applied Categorical Structures 9 (2001) 111-130.

97.18 : MUTLU, A. & PORTER, T.

Free crossed resolutions from simplicial resolutions with given CW-basis


In this paper, we examine the relationship between a CW-basis for a free simplicial group and methods of freely generating the corresponding crossed complex. Attention is concentrated on the case of resolutions, thus comparing free simplicial resolutions with crossed resolutions of a group.

Published in:

Cahiers de Topologie et Geometrie Differentielle categoriques 40 (1999) 261-283.

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